What is a VITAL SCAN?

Our bodies resonate with certain frequencies whether positive or negative.  All emotions, bodies, all dis-ease have frequencies.  With Tesla quantum technology, measurements can be taken of the chemistry in your body allowing you to monitor your health.  These reports are great starts to a conversation with your own physician.  The reports show whether an item is in or out of balance.  Green dots represent in-balance, red for out-of-balance.

What if parasites or toxicities show up in these measurements?

We all have them to some degree.  But not only can we measure these and other things, our quantum device sends back balancing frequencies to assist in correcting these frequencies.

As you receive additional scans (we recommend 2 times weekly), you will notice "patterns."  Patterns can alert you to conditions you may wish to be brought to the attention of your physician or holistic practitioner who can further test on a specific area of concern.


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