Astrological Parties
Yes, I will come to your home to "entertain" your guests with a 15 minute reading of their Natal chart. 
A good way to get the party started and a great introduction to Astrology!!
What I Need from YOU:

Services included in this package:


  • For parties of up to 6 guests

  • 15 minute chart reading for each guest

  • The host will receive a half hour reading


  • Party price for teens...................ask

  • Party price for adults..................ask

Extra requests will require an additional fee that can be negotiated prior to the party. 

I will need birthdata for each guest to include:


     Date of Birth

     Place of Birth

     Exact Time of Birth (eg:  12:32 p.m.)


For Teen Parties, I will require a permission slip from the parents of each teen requesting a party reading.

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