Consultations  ** You Can Take Back Control of Your Life!

Relationships, Money, Career Concerns

Whatever your concern or question, let us work with you to settle your doubts.  Give yourself confidence with your decisions though an astrological consultation.  You can gain tremendous insight though just one session of dialog with your Astrologer.  Each session lasts about one hour.  Many people receive their "A-HA" moment of decision-making at their very first consultation.  We recommend a "check-up" once a year for important clues on each coming year.

Timing Consults

When is the best time to get married?  When is the best time to begin a business?  When is the best time to buy a house? When is the best time to apply for that job?


These are a few of the many questions worked on through this specialized consultation.

Is Your Path Straight or Curved?

So, what's next?  Shall I take that chance or tread safely?   Where am I now and where am I headed?  Do I even have a clue?  I just lost my job, now what? 


Of course, you will come up with many more questions that a dialog with your astrologer can help you to clarify.