Beginner Astrology

A very simple beginning to introduce students to what comprises an Astrological Chart.  Learn about the planets, the signs, the houses; and how to put them together to form a Natal picture.  This is a core of only four (4) classes. 


For those that want to go beyond the beginner level.  I will only take serious students as private student astrologers.


I do occasional Workshops or Lectures upon request.  These are structured for anyone. 


   Lecture Topics for Anyone:

     What is Astrology and What Can I Do with It

     Cycles of Astrology

     Current Eclipses

     Astrology looks at the Farmers Almanac


   Workshop topics:

     One Planet at a Time in Your Chart

     Read a Chart without Planets, just by structure

     Saturn Return and other Cycles in your Life




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