What is COMPREHENSIVE Body Scan?


This module of our scanning device measures the frequencies of your body systems including organs, skeleton, nerves, lymphatic and circulatory systems, etc.

We can monitor patterns from repeat scans.  There are "grading" numbers from 1 to 9 attached to each item scanned.

5 is the medium number marking a position of balanced.  Think of a teeter-totter.  A 1 denotes a condition just becoming.  Acute.  As the number increase to 5, they become more in tune with perfect balance.  Passing the number 5, they push towards the 9 which denotes chronic conditions.  After "optimization" these items are brought to closer balance.  The numbers change gradually with each scan and optimization. 

Patterns can alert you to conditions you may wish to be brought to the attention of your physician or holistic practitioner who can further test on a specific area of concern.



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