Gayle Parker, Astrologer


A practitioner of Astrology since 1979, Gayle has used the art to assist in guiding those who are perplexed at life's cross-purposes.  Ever feel the complexity of which way to go?  Unsure?  Astrology has a way of instructing us as to the best time to pursue matters.  Astrology can help you to see who you are and accept yourself when you are in doubt. 


It is not a belief system or religion.  It is a tool to guide you on your path.  Use it.  You will be glad you did!


Gayle loves animals and will also work astrologically with those precious little clients.  Oh yes, it can help you understand your critters. 


Gayle holds the NCGR level III certification and is a lifetime member of AFA, AFAN, OPA and ISAR.




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